A hard erection is an attribute of a good sexual health. If a man does not have any disorders in the body, he will be able to have an active sexual activity late in life. But the opposite often happens, when a desire is present, but a sexual intercourse is impossible due to the erectile dysfunction.   

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated, bad disease but it may be treated. The most effective method of the erectile dysfunction treatment is medicamental. To restore a healthy sexual function, a man has to take a pill of Levitra per day.

Buying Levitra may change your life because there is nothing more inspiring than a success in bed with woman.

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    What is Levitra?

   Levitra is a trading name of the active ingredient Vardenafil. This ingredient has been developed by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, and was approved by FDA in 2007.

  Levitra is effectively used during various disorders of the erectile function in men of any age. The medical studies prove that more than 96% of men taking Levitra achieve the needed level of potency to have sex.

   Levitra has special pharmacological characteristics when a recovery of the erection happens regardless of the erectile dysfunction cause. The drug provides a recovery action on the mechanism of the erection and does not have side effects.

The main advantage of Levitra is its high pharmacological safety. It has been clinically proven that the use of the drug does not cause an additional load to the cardiac muscle (myocardium), and therefore it is well tolerated by men at elderly age. Levitra does not cause high blood pressure and tachycardia in most men.

   How does Levitra improve erection?

  The main active ingredient Vardenafil is a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. After blocking this enzyme, a natural physiological process happens in healthy men. A production of nitrogen oxide grows in the blood vessels, the walls of the blood vessels are dilated, the blood circulation is improved in the tissues of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are filled with the blood.   

This entire physiological process appears only when a man is sexually aroused. Levitra does not cause a false or mechanical erection. The drug is just an additional stimulant that enhances natural processes and controls their normal functioning.

An active period of the Levitra action is 6-7 hours. Then, the concentration of Vardenafil is reduced in the blood, and the action is stopped.

A short period of the Levitra action has its own advantages and drawbacks:

       - Advantages: Vardenafil is not accumulated in the body, and therefore it does not cause side effects, medical addiction; the drug also does not influence on other function of the body because it is quickly excreted

       - Drawbacks: Levitra is not able to cure of the erectile dysfunction because it does not affect the cause of the disease but it just removes the symptoms for a while    

There are more advantages of Levitra because the drug may be used every day within many years. Moreover, the drug is often used by young men who have a hard and healthy erection but they want to have more sensations.

   Instruction for use of Levitra   

        - The treatment of the erectile dysfunction should be started from the daily dose of Levitra 10 mg

       - The pills of Levitra 10 mg are taken 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Do not break, chew the pill or mix it with food. Take it with a glass of water

        -  The pills of Levitra 10 mg may be used before, during, and after meals. It does not influence on the efficiency of Vardenafil

        -  If a dose of 10 mg is not enough for young active men, the dose of Levitra may be increased up to 20 mg per day

        -  Levitra 20 mg may be used once per day if you do not have contraindications for the use

Do not mix Levitra with alcohol. But if you tool beverage drinks in small amount, the medicine may be used in 6-8 hours. A low concentration of ethanol does not interact with Vardenafil in the blood, and therefore men do not have an allergic reaction or vomit.

   Levitra and Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra of the Indian production has the same chemical formula as Brand Levitra from Bayer company.  

As any Indian analogue, Generic Levitra is produced by the chemical compound identical to the original drug. The efficiency and safety of Generic Levitra is as good as the original pills. Every pill of Generic Levitra contains the same amount of Vardenafil as a pill of the original Levitra. Therefore, all pharmacological characteristics of these drugs are identical.

But when it comes to a price, Generic Levitra is by 3-4 times cheaper than Brand Levitra. The absence of the serious finance investments into the advertising of Generic Levitra allow a manufacturer to provide the maximally low cost. A low price of Generic Levitra makes it affordable for most men all over the world.

Why to overpay for the expensive original pills and waste your money, if there is a cheaper and effective Indian analogue of the high quality?

    Where to buy Levitra and Generic Levitra?

You may buy Levitra in the traditional city pharmacies, only if you have a prescription and hatful of money. A month’s supply of pills will cost you a vast deal of money. You may ask a pharmacist for Generic Levitra but it is probably not for sale. It is not profitable to sell cheap Generics for the pharmacy chains.   

But if you do not want to overpay for a beautiful name and a popularity of the brand, there is a good alternative. You may buy Levitra online.

Online pharmacy sells not only Brand Levitra but also cheap Generic Levitra. You may save money and reduce the month expenses for the pills to improve the potency by 3-4 times. This is a great offer.  

Levitra online is for sale without prescription. There is no need to go to a doctor, to have a medical examination, to waste your time, because you may buy Levitra online without medical permissions. Prescriptions for Levitra work within 14-30 days. And if you have chronic form of the erectile dysfunction, a new prescription will be needed every month. It takes much time. It is easier to buy Levitra online and forget about the month visits to a doctor. This will save time and money.  

In order to buy Levitra online, you will need 10 minutes and an access to the Internet. Buying Levitra online, you may pay for it by means of a bank card. Levitra online may be bought in any country, and a courier will deliver your package to your house.